Need quotes for all values in the CSV

I am loading a csv file into a datatable and the data is like this
The File gets successfully loaded into the data table
Then i use for each activity and replace all 2 with 3 and then append the CSV to a new file .
The 2s got replaced with 3 but the problem is all the quotes went off . Now my csv doesnt have quotes for any of the values . Please help me how to do it .
Also i tried the us-ascii encoding but it didnt work at all

Hi @ramkumariyer

use assign activity and pass the value like


Ashwin S

Thanks buddy but i didnt get it :frowning:
This is what i used .

row.Item(“Column1”) =row.Item(“Column1”).ToString.Replace(“2”,“3”)

The problem is i have around 25-27 columns and i need to do this for all as all my column values have no quotes after it gets appended.

I already encountered this and it seems it is the behavior. You may check the Read CSV which has IgnoreQuotes property on UiPath.System.Activities 2019.10.1 version.

But if i select the ignore quotes it is bound to ignore it explicitly and then i still wont be able to see them when it gets written in a new csv

Hi @ramkumariyer

do one thing read csv with comma and set include column names as well and check it after that using looping based on assign the condition you mention you can do it for all 27 columns

Ashwin S