Need quick help working with delimiters

Hello everyone,

I would like to know how i can use the ’ delimiter inside a string.

I need to reproduce parentid=‘r2’ so far i am writing like " 'r " + “2” + " ’ " and i get a end of expression expected message.

@michaelamay0 Can you explain your requirement a bit more :sweat_smile:, Seems like you are modifying a Selector

If MyStr is your string and MyStrArr is the array of strings from splitting on the ' symbol:

MyStrArr = MyStr.Split("'"c)

Just need to know how to put a single quote inside the string.

I’m not splitting anything, i need to put a single quote inside a string and attach it to something like another string.

@michaelamay0 Do you want it to look like this :

Yes, i got it working apparently the UiPath system does something weird where you need to erase everything you have and retype it to “refresh”.

Thank you.

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