Need license for Agent Desktop?

Hi everyone, does the machine with Agent Desktop installed need license in order to start a job?
My use case is that business user will start the bot from his machine but the process itself will run in a back office robot (server).

(Sorry for asking here. We are not yet able to upgrade our Orchestrator and Studio versions to the latest LTS version because we’re still having issues with the install so I can’t try)

HI @kaydine.santuyo

If you are using the enterprise version, the installation of the robot with Agent desktop will require license for it to run a job. Have you got the license or did you install the trial edition of the enterprise?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks for your reply. Understood. I was just wondering if license is needed even if the robot will not actually run on the machine where we will install Agent Desktop. I was thinking that, technically, the features of Agent Desktop is same as if we login to our Orchestrator platform through browser and start a job which does not really need license as long as the user has an account and necessary roles.
Or is my understanding wrong as to what Agent Desktop actually does?

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hi @kaydine.santuyo
Agent Desktop main benefit goes to ATTEND BOTs
so people who are managing attended bot will be effected to this

actually what you mention is right

but the thing is its correct to Unattended bot , but not for ATTENDED BOT
and even you connecting to Agent Desktop means its a BOT license , to getting connect with it you have to province the bot license because it use to be to run any process under that robot

for your requirement , you worrying …giving any user to run the process without login to orchestrator right ?

for its Unattended bot its no use : better way is to give orchestrator user login
for its unattended bot : you have to run that bot some how : so its cannot be run from different Agent Desktop login and also even if you had facilitate to do it , remember you are using 1 bot license

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thanks a lot for the reply. I understand now that the Agent Desktop just focus on attended robots that run on the machine where it is installed. Thanks!

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