Need information to setup RPA infrastructure

  1. How can we configure multiple unattended bots that can be executed against a pool of workstations?

  2. Authentication – When bots are kicked off by Orchestrator or via UIPath Robot, what account do they execute under and where is that configured?

  3. Can you confirm if Elastic Search supports the latest version of Open JDK?

  4. How does authentication between Elastic Search and Orchestrator when Elastic Search is on Linux?

  5. What type of SSL Cert do we need for Orchestrator?

  6. What is the process for obtaining and configuring a 3rd party certificate?

  7. Does Orchestrator require a domain account or just local system account?

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Sure, just go for floating robots as described here.

The one you used when you created a robot.

Not an expert on this topic, yet this page recommends JRE 1.8.131.

Sorry, need to pass on this one.

Orchestrator will run on IIS - you can use any SSL certificate you want, self-signed or CA-signed. Note that self-signed certificates need to be trusted on your individual machines.

Assuming you refer to SSL certificates, here’s a list of CAs that can provide you with certificates. If you plan on using UiPath in your organization only, save your money and use a self-signed certificate. Alternatively, you can use free certificates by parties such as Let’s Encrypt which are trusted by most major browsers and operating systems.

At least to my knowledge, there are no restrictions. Question is if you want to run an app pool in IIS with a domain account.

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As per the document Only Attended and Development Robots can be floating. So it will not support for unattended?
Please let me know if we can configure multiple unattended bots that can be executed against a pool of workstations?

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