Need help with the storing and removing the data from list/array

Hi All,

Currently, I have built a solution where I pull the data from Orchestrator. A transaction has a collection of the strings that I am parsing out and entering into the application. In the present solution, if any of the items from the collection for the current transaction fails, the robot throws the business exception and stops processing the transaction. Then moves to the next transaction from the queue. I want it to skip the current item in the collection and continue with the leftovers. Any hints, ideas, and help are appreciated.

What do you mean by collection ?
You are using queue so it is already divided like one item of collection is one queue.

I use queue where one transaction has an item as a string for example: “123, 3456, ASDF, QWEQ”. When I pull this string I convert it to the array of strings and use for each loop to iterate through each item and enter it into my application.

So “123, 3456, ASDF, QWEQ” this is your one transaction item and it if fails then it will move to next transaction item.

Yes, I am converting this to the list of the strings and using ‘For Each’ loop to iterate through the items and enter them into my application. If any of the items fails the transaction stops and throws a business exception.

So where u are facing issue ?
Like already RE will move to next transaction if current transaction gives error.

The issue is that I have one transaction item with the list of the strings. If any of the items from the list of the strings fails the rest will not be processed. I want to process the rest of the string in my current transaction. Does it make sense?

So you need to do some validation for your input for every transaction item if it is correct then process else business exception

I have it already. I am not sure how to implement a logic where if the entered item fails, then to store it and send a business exception and then continue with the rest of the items from the list of the string for current transaction item.