Need help with splitting the string

I am getting so confused in getting the value needed.
I have a very big string which I am saving in the variable output.
“statusofapplication”: “G”,
“Noofcomponents”: 2,

I want to just extract G or sometimes the value there comes as R or whatever comes under statusofapplication in another variable “status”.

Can you please help me apply the string functions to get this value?

Hi @mb29 ,

Could you provide us with the Sample data that you receive as Input for Extraction ? It looks like Json Data, so we also ask if possible to provide as a Text file.

Hi @mb29

Please Use the below syntax :

System.text.regularexpressions.regex.match(input string,“(?<=statusofapplication).*”).value.trim

It helps!


If you want to handle it by string manipulation, the following will work, for example.


However, it might be better to use Json parse if it’s json as @supermanPunch mentioned.


thanks for your message.
The data is huge…and its in the format as I showed like :
“statusofapplication”: “G”,
“Noofcomponents”: 2,
“actionRequiredDetails”: [
“name”: “TOTAL”,
“value”: 127
“name”: “New File”,
“value”: 25

From above input, I only need this the valur of statusofapplication, which in above example is G

All the above solutions work, but I fail to understand, when I run for the first time, it works. In the second and further runs, I dont get the output.
I think as suggested, I will have to go through saving the output as a text file.
Currently I am using “Use Browser” activity, and then using Get text and saving all the text received on the URL into the variable.
Not sure, I should now use the output and save it in a file?

I think I am not using the proper way to extract the data from browser itself. So, its a healthcheck URL, which when I open, it gives the output in JSON format.

Can you please advise how to parse JSON data?