Need Help with Screen Scraping

Please help me on screen scraping when capturing data that changes every minute.
For example I have create a screen scraping and the value is 515.01.
When I run uipath, I get the same value, not from the latest value by the screen scraping activity.
below is a screenshot of my UI Explorer.


Hi @RQ_Official

Please wilcard the aaname attribute.

aaname =ā€™*ā€™


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Does not working @pravin_calvin .
The result is still the same.

hi @RQ_Official

Try using Get text activity and take the attribute aaname or innertext and wildcard them as above.

Hope this helps you!


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Thanks a lot .
That fixed I have the problem.
Once again thank you very much @pravin_calvin

Greetings, Iā€™m Rizki Achmadi from Indonesia.


Most welcome!

Please mark it as solution and close the thread!


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how do i close the thread??

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