Need help with reading the data in CSV specific column

Good afternoon All,

I have a very large CSV file with 28 columns. I need to read the data under column 26. Currently, my flowchart looks like Read CSV > Filter Data Table. My question for some reason the column 26 is not filtered and the data is not shown. I attached my workflow. Any help is appreciated Test_1.xaml (7.3 KB)


Try read that CSV file with ‘Excel Application Scope’ by mentioning the specific Range you want!

Michael Udhaya

Check if There’s not conflict in Column Names or check via Code the filtering action
Datatable.Select("[NPI] IS NOT NULL AND [NPI] <> 0")

Are you talking about reading the Range of the cells under specific column?

There is no conflict in column names. I can use the Datatable.Select("[NPI] IS NOT NULL AND [NPI] <> 0") in my if loop where I will be looking for specific string or integer. All I need is to read data under Column 26 and to find out if the specified string or integer is present. As I mentioned it is a huge list of 155K long. I can narrow it down to 7k.


Hi @Thrall,

I have created a workflow based on your requirement.

However you just share me the CSV file for filter Process if it is not a confidential (11.6 KB)


Hi @Mohansadaiyapillai,

I did manage to read this file using the Read range activity. I would appreciate any other approaches as well.

Sure it is publicly available data and can be downloaded here System for Award Management - ERROR

I did use your approach, the problem is that Filter Data Table Activity is just copy/pastes the same data from one CVS file to another one with some tweaks and for some reason doesn’t copy just the columns that you need. So far I did manage to convert the CVS file to Excel and using the Excel Application Activity + Read Range Activity + Output Data Table Activity and using the If + For Each activities to look up for the necessary information in the specific column. The only issue is that due to the large amount of information it cannon be output as a Message box or Log activity to make sure that my approach is working.


Thanks a lot, this hint helped me partially resolve my issue. I am looking for more options to resolve this problem :slight_smile: