Need help with my stock broker project

I’m doing a stock broker project.
These are the instructions:

Step 1: The Project will open the stock market webpage of website.

Step 2: On the webpage, it searches for the shares of the companies mentioned in the ‘Rule.xlsx’ file. In the code the companies used are: Exenon UI Pharma. WEX Academy Inc. Exxon RPA Corp.

Step 3: It will then check the expected price of the share and compare the values mentioned in the ‘Rule.xlsx’ file.

Step 4: After comparing the prices, it will further perform the action based on the current share price.

Step 5: Once it completes the action, it will update the action in the ‘Rule’ file and send a confirmation through email.

I’ve been doing the workflow like in this video:

But I think I need to add to the workflow if it should “buy or sell” the stock? If so where should I put it?

Also need to add “send confirmation through email” in the end, right?

So I’ve done the workflow like in the YouTube video but I’m getting this error:


Run the workflow in debug mode, by clicking the blue triangle (see red circle)

Add a breakpoint on the assign activity (see green circle) by pressing F9, this will stop the robot just before it executes the Assign activity, then take a look at the “Locals” tab (to learn about the Locals tab see the below video at 5:16), here you can inspect the relevant datatable and check to see if it contains the Column “Action Taken” which it sounds like it doesn’t (according to the log message).

Hopefully this helps