Need Help with File Change Trigger V2 - Dispatcher

Hello All,

Since the official recommendation is to have the dispatcher in REFramework, I tried to add a file change trigger V2 in my initialization state (Part of Main). My hope was to bulk add queue items if a certain Excel file in the network folder changed (was modified or created/deleted). This excel file would then be read row by row to add queue items.

For my FileName I have it read correctly as just the filename with its extension “xxx.xlsx”
For my Path I have it as the folder which the file name is in with the backslash “” at the end.

I have the Option as “True” for ContinueMonitoring because I only want the Dispatcher Process to run all the time. In the orchestrator, I plan to run my performer process by the trigger job upon newly added queue items.

Thank you! Please let me know the right approach to this.

Also with the rest of the Dispatcher’s RE Framework, pretty much everything else is default. Process is blank. I’ve added the OrchestratorQueueName as part of the config file and am referencing it accordingly.