Need help with Excel formatting

I have an excel file and I want to format it can someone please help me
My input file
My excel file.xlsx (10.1 KB)
The output I want
output I want.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Check out this thread that has solved you problem : Excel Sheets formatting - need help - #2 by jack.chan

Again You have created Multiple Duplicate topic : How to remove duplicate entries from excel file - #4 by Sami_Rajput


Sorry if I cause you trouble.
That was the second part of the formatting that he fixed, the first, part was solved earlier. And as a beginner, I’m unable to combine them, and No. of loops have also increased
So I want to solve this in one part, so it would be more optimied
Hope you dont mind

HI @Sami_Rajput

Check Out the XAML file

GroupByLinq.xaml (18.7 KB)




Thank you so much

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