Need help with error with Invoke Workflow

New to UiPath, I believe my error is because I am referencing things incorrectly.

These are the criteria for the two sequences:

Main Sequence – Get the file location, read in the data file, determine whether the BillNeeded sequence needs to be invoked to process the row, invoke BillNeeded or write an output message that no bill was needed for invoice ###, and create the final updated Complete Excel output file.

BillNeeded Sequence – Perform all steps needed for generating a single invoice
-Make a copy of the Excel invoice template titled, Part2_Invoice.xls and name the copy Invoice.xlsx (where is replaced by the invoice number being billed).
-Copies the data for each record in the invoice data into the new Invoice file.
-Adds the billing date (today’s date) to the billing data
-When all the billing is complete, save the billing data as Part2_Data_Complete.xlsx

Hi @HankHill ,

Could you let us know what was the error message received and for which activity, it would help us to analyse and Debug the flow faster.

My apologies, here is the first error and I’ll reply with the second error as well.

Hi @HankHill quickly looking at your screenshots and error it seems you it’s pointing to the fact that you don’t have the reference to the Excel_Billing scope variable which is on the Use Excel File in the parent workflow. I can’t remember how Excel Process Scope works but I don’t think it would propagate the reference to the Excel_Billing inside the invoked workflow Bill_Needed, so you may need to replace that will Use Excel File as well.

This is one suggestion, but the main recommendation would be to think about how better you can redesign the process by writing all your values in memory using datatable and do a one time write range (containing values for all columns and rows), instead of doing multiple write cells in an iteration, if this approach applies to your use case.

Hope this helps

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