Need help with error - new uipath user

Need Help with this error
Error ERROR Validation Error Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: ‘52f52f9e-b2b0-4613-987c-c269365cdf6b’. Main.xaml



Runs with no error in debug mode. But outputs this error in normal run mode.

hi richygeorge,
I have also got the same problem as you.
I believed we are following the same training video (ie. Complete UiPath RPA Developer course build 7 robots) and now we are at the robot 2 exercise.
In this exercise, we are creating 2 additional .xaml file and rename it to ‘web data.xaml’ and another ‘CRM data.xaml’
Then we use the ‘web data.xaml’ and read the excel sheet, then call out the browser, and call out ‘while’ activity and use the ‘type into’ to the web browser.
Initialy I could still see the robot type into the browser. But when I try again there is this error “cannot access a disposed object” which will occur at the main.xaml and also at the CRM data.xaml.

Hope someone can help us.
thank u

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