Need Help with dates

Hi I am doing automation in website, where i have to change the date in the particular cell of website, so the date should only be changed in that website cell. if the date is first or second of current month. Can anyone plz help?? Thanks

Hi @nagini.pragna

In if activity put the condition as

Now.tostring(“ddMMyyyy”) = “01” + now.tostring(“MMyyyy”) or Now.tostring(“ddMMyyyy”) = “02” + now.tostring(“MMyyyy”)

In then part change the date in website else do nothing.


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just curious what happens if the Month is Jan or Feb…in that case MM will also get 01 and 02 right?? :thinking: :thinking: @prasath_S

we can use as shown below…


Yes I think it will be 01012021…
That will make the formula little large that’s why opting for this one


So in that case, will make it much more simpler…

 If =1 or = 2 ..
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Ok I thought of current month all along and forgot that now wil be current date only yes that will make sense thank you…

But mine will also work though…:slightly_smiling_face:

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