Need help with date (Calendar Pick)

I’m working on a project to pass values for multiple dates however using recording Date is coming as a click event and as calendar is locked i cannot use Text Box function either, is there a way to overcome this?

On a side note the Number sequence changes month wise example 1ST Aug is Wed whereas 1ST July is Sunday



Hi @Ankit_Chopra

Could you describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve with the dates?

You might be able to accomplish this by using date.time variables.

Hello Zak,
I have data for each day which needs to be pushed in on a web page, below is exactly what I’m trying to achieve

  1. Login into Web Page (works)
  2. Navigate to Section (Works)
  3. Select Month (Works)
  4. Select Date (doesn’t work)
  5. Enter Comments
  6. Save & Loop runs again

Basically I want to add values from a file for specific dates in form but as the calendar is grayed out I have to manually select individual dates as Web Recorder is capturing selection of date as Click event.

How is this file stored? as a datasheet or?

The solution I would use is

  1. a dialog box pops up asking user to input the date required, which is then saved to a variable.

  2. we search the file for the Variable.

“If row contains > input date”

Does this sound like it would solve your issue? Id be happy to explain how to achieve that but Im not sure if im missing the mark here.

Data is stored in csv file, UI Path reads the file and logins into the web page however the Date Selection doesn’t work as there is no dialog box pops up asking for user input.

please let me know how can we accomplish this. I’m just a beginner

Hi @Ankit_Chopra,

Please make the selector of the Click Activity as Dynamic and pass the date values as variable in the desired format. Try using the UiPath Explorer to get the selectors.


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Thanks PD2.

would you be able to help me with details step as I’m just a beginner and trying to get my hands off in RPA

I can guide as much as I could, please share the selector from Click activity. Feel free to sign up to the academy and try the exercises in the Foundations course. They have very good basic exercises that you can practice.

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Hi @Ankit_Chopra

You could also try to use the solution from this post:

It is based on figuring out what the date box is and injecting it directly with your desired date.