Need help. Unable to initiate a click

I am trying to click on “21501510.ASM” it is in div tag and the selector value changes after every reload. Its selector is
<html title=‘Exter’ />
<webctrl parentid=‘ember1267’ tag=‘SPAN’ />


there are other element in the page with the same “parentid” i.e “ember*”. so making it live does not help. I am trying to use Anchor base by making “number” as anchor and initiate a click on “21501510.ASM”. the number “21501510” changes with different input values.

So what activity to use inside anchor base.

Hey @devbrath

I have an internal app that uses Ember and it drives me crazy.

Use UiExplorer and see if there aren’t other unique selectors that you can use.


Hey @tmays
thnx bro for the suggestion.
Added some extra selectors from parent and grand parent to make it more unique. It works now with different values.


Hi @devbrath,

You can add parent tag & remove tag
check with uipath explorer