Need help to upload a file from Local to OneDrive account!

Hello guys,

My task is to create a folder in OneDrive and upload files in it. Then tomorrow create a new folder with tomorrow’s date and upload new files in it. It continues. Now the problem is I’ve created a folder in OneDrive using “Create folder” activity but how can I upload files directly to that folder? if I used “Get file or folder”
activity how can i give “Enter ID”?


OK, let’s know about Enter ID is nothing but its folder Id you can call it DriveItemId, sometimes you know the drive itemId then you can directly use them

  • Drag a “Get File or Folder” activity.
  • Set the Folder Path property to the OneDrive folder path.
  • Check the Get Folder option.
  • If successful, the activity will output a data object.
  • Extract the Id property from the output object to get the folder ID.

Create folder in Onedrive

You need to pass folder name using dd-mm-yyy as per your need

Use the upload file activities

Before upload you need to check the file exists or not
@VelanDev hope this help you solve your issue

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