Need help to understand how to use abbyy flexicapture activities in UiPath


I am working on a POC where we have to read PDF INVOICES in different format for which I am using ABBYY FLEXICAPTURE.
Can someone please help me to understand how to use flexi capture activities and integrate Abbyy FlexiCapture with UiPath.

I have create document definition file on Abbyy FlexiCapture.

If someone can share sample example it would really help.

Please help!!!

Thank you…

Hi @Sunita_Pandharmise,

Check the following links,

If you install the Abby flexicapture package you will get the activity in the activity tab.

  1. Paste the Abby flexicapture package in the package folder.
  2. In uipath click add package button to install the package in uipath.
  3. Search in the activity tab you will get the activity.

i cannot found this package in Manage Packages.
Could you tell me hơ to get it?

@Doanh, @sarathi125
How to add Abbyy flexicapture package in the package folder,
Where can I get Package or download package?
because its not in Manage Pakages

@suraj23 You can found abbyy flexicapture activities in UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities package. Please find this package in the Official section of Manage Package.
If you cannot found it, maybe the reason is your UiPath version is too old