Need help to the Failed criteria of Advanced certification

I have been pass Level 1-3 online training. When I continue to attend the advanced certification, I failed twice, and got almost the same failed criteria as below:

I really need helps to understand the problem of my code.
But to check some criterias like below, it is hard to understand how it could goes wrong while using REFramework.
" Please make sure you’re using the KillAllProcesses.xaml correctly as stated by the REFramework "
I have already submitted a ticket to academy platform for the reviewing of my zip file.
but I really hope if someone had experiment the same problem can help me out.

As I can see there are alot of missing files. drop an email at I would help you

@Ashish_Kumar2 Thanks for your email on 2020-01-11, and I am still waiting for your reply. Or,
Could you provide some suggestions here to help me away from this problem?

Drop me an email

Hi, @Ashish_Kumar2 Just read this message, and I have resent my email to you again. Thanks

@Ashish_Kumar2 Thanks for you reply and let me know about the “Missing files” problem.
Thanks so much.

HI All,

Can you help on the below comments

Please make sure you’ve used the proper activities for loging in ACME platform. ,
–Are they looking for ACME Log File

Please make sure you’re using the proper selector to find your element/s from which you might need to extract data.,
–This one confusing more, When I checked the Selector for Webpage Table, it has not dynamic params, all it has it Window Title & WebID=“TABLE” and it is successfully scrap the data without fail.

Please make sure you’re correctly using the TransactionItem depending on your exercise. ,

Please make sure you’re using the TransactionData as showed in the Advanced Training.,
– All we use this to access the Transction Item.Not sure on their actual requirement.

Please make sure you’re not using any hardcoded values in non-xaml files.,

  • I dont have any Hardcoded values.What are non-xaml files.
    Please check you’re using the correct city values.
    – I saw this for many people, are they looking for take the city values from Config file. If so , the comments would have been to no to use hardcoded city.

If you need hlp regarding certification contact me