Need help to solve this using RPA


Hi @Kamal007

Do you have any specific point you need to overcome? Please tell us. Do you need help with your approach? Please tell us how you see it.

Hi ,
I am new in RPA development. So i need a complet solution & approch how to start & successfully complete my problem in excel automation through RPA.

It would be very good & i would be very happy if i get the complete guide.


please share the input data as the bot would receive and process with us. Bases on this we will help you on solution development. Thanks


Here i have attached input & output data format.

input file & output file will be seperate & finaly need to insert data of output file in oracle data base.

Thank you.

input output format.xlsx (11 KB)

find starter help here:
Kamal007.xaml (11.8 KB)
working with this input:
Kamal007.xlsx (10.5 KB)

generating this output:

Kindly note: maybe some locals do result to different date formats. The starter help is done in a way that you can adopt these differences by your own.

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could you please send me the workflow file with oracle database insert activity.

On first stage please let run provided demo and analyse and get an idea of the implementation