Need help to modify the custom activity

Hi Everyone ,

I need some help in modifying a custom activity like “vvaidya.autoclosemessagebox.activities”. i’m need to include an ‘Output’ property , please help.


If you open the nupkg file for that activity in visual studio, can you edit the source code from there?

Here is sample Output declaration code for an Activity:

    [DisplayName("Format successful: boolean")]
    [Description("Returns boolean indicating wether formatting worked.")]
    public OutArgument<Boolean> Success { get; set; }

Then set the Output value for above variable with:

Success.Set(Context, true);

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I tried but, i’m unable to open the nupkg file in Visual Studio 2017. Should i have anything pre-installed ?

Thanks Paul. I’d need to access the source code before i could key-in this code.