Need help to make this selector dynamic

I wanna extract phone numbers from these websites which are different in layout

  1. Impressum | inTime
  2. Impressum

So for that, I am trying to create a dynamic selector with REGEX in it but not being successful, here is the selector, can some one help me fix that I am trying from too long😫

> <html app='chrome.exe' title='*' />
> <webctrl tag='FONT' matching:aaname='regex' aaname='\(?\+\(?49\)?[ ()]?([- ()]?\d[- ()]?){10}' />

Show me one example

Why not just use a Switch or Else If based on which web page you’re on, with separate Get Text activities in each option.


<webctrl tag='FONT' matching:aaname='regex' aaname='^\(?\+\(?49\)?[ ()]?([- ()]?\d[- ()]?){10}$' />


Please try this regex