Need help to fetch Business card holder Name using OCR

The problem I am facing is to train robot to distinguish Name from Business card . As the business card doesnt have any kind of anchor in front of name so it is impossible to split string. I have couple of business card in a single directory and I have an For Each loop over Microsoft OCR engine and I have used regEx for fetchin email id from business card. Any suggestions are welcomed.
Need to Fetch Full Name from below sample image.


You can use Google Cloud Vision OCR(It is better than Microsoft OCR) and filter the data using Regex.

Hey @anmolk171,

The problem is how do i write regex to only identify Name of the card holder.

I mean if i write regex to match two words with only characters it will match many things out of an business card such as it can match with address, company name, name etc.


Can you provide the text for the business card.

If not possible see after the full name are you getting any anchor and based on the anchor you can retrieve name.

Hi harsh,
please fTA,
Main.xaml (20.6 KB)

I tried running your project file but i am not getting desired results.

The program returns first line of business card.

While testing with multiple business card with first sentence as “COMPANY NAME”,
it returns that instead of business owner.

Yes sure @anil5

But I would say extracting data using anchor is not possible as every business card has different pattern and there is no relative text for NAME on business card.

Try on below attached business card.

Try to extract Name, Number and email address.

Thanks in advance.


Please give me just the text of the above business card