Need help to create generic workflow for different applications having different layouts for search

Here are steps.

User is navigating to different search pages where different components like name, address, pincode parameters can be searched.
Each web page has different labels and html tags for name, address and pincode field.
Creating different workflows for each search page was the solution provided however client is asking for single workflow that too very generic which works for all search pages for all different application.

These are two sample urls.
Madison County Collector 1 - on this page first click on Property tax. This is additional step before search page.

There could be more different pages.
How to achieve this?

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Create Different workflow for each website and Invoke them into a Main Workflow with certain conditions to check which site is loaded
and using flow_switch activity navigate to the respective workflow

Vishnu N


Right, since they are different applications, it’s best to treat each application as having its own workflow.

However, if all the steps are identical. Like, type in text, click search, get results…
Then, an alternative method would be to use a Pick Branch.
A pick branch will allow you to look for a condition/scenario, for example an Element Exist on the first element for each application, then perform the steps using the specific selectors needed inside each pick section.

To go even further, you could store the selectors for each set of steps to array variables for each application. Then, set that array to a variable inside the Pick, and outside the Pick Branch perform those steps.
Kind of like this:

app1Array {"selectorstring1a","selectorstring1b","selectorstring1c"}
app2Array {"selectorstring2a","selectorstring2b","selectorstring2c"}
app3Array {"selectorstring3a","selectorstring3b","selectorstring3c"}

Element Exist1     Element Exist2     Element Exist3
arr = app1Array    arr = app2Array    arr = app2Array

Step Sequence
Type Into arr(0)
Click Submit arr(1)
Get Text arr(2)
// or whatever you needed to do

If the steps are different, then you would probably want to place the steps inside the Pick Branch.

Anyway, that’s just an idea. But, I do normally recommend that each Task performed in each Application have a separate workflow (as was suggested by previous poster), because it becomes easier to maintain and troubleshoot. But, I also understand if maybe there are similarities that they are trying to streamline, which I couldn’t say is wrong or right from my perspective.

EDIT: Also, I want to make sure I add that if all the applications are part of the same business process, then there definitely should only be one workflow that is published. However, each application would be invoked within that published workflow to perform the process, which in that case, you would use either Pick Branch or Switch.


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Thanks for your reply.

@ashishjain13 Please refer this.