Need help spliting data to add to queue

hi im currently working on a program. im stuck on using the split method i j got the data table to scrape but i only need 3 out of the 5 rows data please help i will upload a screenshot with the 3 data rows i need.

Hi @ImDreaming,

You can delete the datatable column by using “Remove Data Column” Activity.

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the whole data table is about 120 columns i need to extract the data and only put the Invoice Number, Total, Date in a ochestrator queue and im confused on how to do that ? i was told i can use a spilt. string method so if you can please help me out that would be great thanks.

Ohh ok, then just make a new data datable and build it with the 3 columns you need. What split does is splitting data into more data. For example splitting a word into 1 or more by separting it by space the result will be more data. So what we want it’s just 3 columns not more. Build a datatable using the build datatable activity and input the data of the datatable that has the 120 columns by either the name of the column or index which is column number using a for each. Or use the filter activity: Enables you to filter a DataTable variable by specifying conditions in the Filter Wizard window. The activity can keep or delete rows or columns according to the logical conditions that are specified in the wizard. The body of the activity contains a Filter Wizard button so that you can access the wizard and customize your settings at any time.

hey @ImDreaming this may help you go through!
AddToQueues.xaml (6.5 KB)

@ImDreaming You can use Filter Datatable and Keep only the Columns You need