Need help setting up unattended on AWS

I tried looking on youtube, uipath and aws for a guide or tutorial to set up just an unattended robot on aws. I currently have the automation community edition and i may add more unattended robots later on.

But reading the aws and uipath tutorial im getting lost.

I currently log into the orchestrator on my personal computer and i have process and triggers set. But sometimes there is power loss or my internet could be down and then my unattended robot wont run.

I figured having the unattended robot on AWS would solve this problem.


Suggest to take a look of below thread and documentation

Hope this may help you


i actually decided to use GCP but im getting an error when trying to connect after

orchestrator - settings - cloud connections

My project ID and Private key is correct but i get the

Warning message

Error connecting to the cloud connection. Please ensure you supplied the correct connection settings and that you have permissions to access the subscription.