Need Help selecting elements from dynamic input fields

I have to fill data into some input fields but the problem is that I cannot always specify the elements using the indicate on browser function.

For example an Experience field for a job application. You can indicate the first few input fields like company, position, etc using the indicate on browser function but this needs to be entered for multiple jobs. To fill the next field you need to click an “add job” button and it will generate the same set of input fields as before but in a different row.

My question is, how do I indicate the new set of input fields to UiPath without manually indicating each input field? I don’t want to manually indicate as there is no way to know beforehand how many rows there are.


Can you use anchor base for this type of selectors?

If not can you Please check these threads and see if it will be helpful.

Thank you for replying. The issue with using the methods you mentioned is that there will be multiple fields with the same name. Suppose for Job 1 you will have a company and title field. Then for Job 2, you will also have company and title fields. So how would I specify that I need to select the company field of Job 2?

As for Anchor, what can I use as Anchor?


Hi, I am having the same issue. Did you get a way around this?