Need help on Write Range Activity

Hello. I’m attempting to write a range using the filter wizard, but it’s not writing anything down. can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong

Read range: Output Data table ’ dtCARSconfirmations
Filter: only want to keep items that start with SLS
Write Range: Output should be listed on Sheet2

I have also provided spreadsheet.


CARS TDO report_clients.xlsx (13.7 KB)

we do see the ’ forcing Excel to keep it as text

Work book read range activity has not mandatory the same read range result as Excel Application Scope - Read Range

However you can quikly inspect:

  • set a break point on the filter datatable activity
  • debug and get paused
  • use the immediate panel and type in: dtCARSInformation.Rows(0)(“Schedule”).toString

feel free to check also other rows by changing the row index 0 to other rows
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Thank you for the hint. I inspected the output in the immediate panel, and it did provide the results I was looking for.

However, how do I get my output to be written on Sheet2?

I went ahead and included the ’ under the value and the results came out good.

However, I attempted to add more values using the expression {“'SLS”,“'FTB”,“'TDA”}. No information is coming out on Sheet2. is it possible to add multiple values? if so, how?



I solved it. I added multiple rows and use the “OR” for each one.


Thank you for your help!

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