Need help on UI Automation

I am new bie to UI Path & looking at following information from UI path,

  1. Get all the list of Processes from UI Path(from logs table or flat file).
  2. Get all the list all the Resources from UI Path(all the client system connected to server).
  3. How to get logs into SQL databases, including Quee length etc.

We are trying to control the robots through an portal via REST services.

Also need help on what are the commands available,

  1. Start a Process.
  2. Stop a Process.

Hi @sandeshn,

Welcome to UiPath Community.

To give you a start, you can go through the videos available on Youtube ( and in check out our resources available (examples, user guides, knowledge base etc Get Help from UiPath Support Services | UiPath)

Here is the training material you can go through :

Happy Designing!



Can we get specific training videos. We are not looking for training on UI Path, we would like explore more on the logs with the details like List of Processes, Logs, No of Client systems etc.