Need help on this i know its silly


i scraping value from an application

a= 100
b= 10%

i need to do this a+a *10/100

how to do this on uipath

Hy @manojv02500, i believed oyu misted your questions.

What is the result you must get?

@ppr @William_Blech_Sister
a= 100 got it as scraped value

b = 10 % got it as scraped value

i need to calculate it as

100 * 10 /100

Hy @manojv02500,

Try this: CInt(a) * cint(strings.Replace(b,β€œ%”,vbNullString)) /100
involve it ().toString to print in a text box, for example

Please let me know if it works

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@William_Blech_Sister am getting this error

Hy @manojv02500, what is the data type to range1? is it a number or string?
If it is a string wrap the text with ().toString

@ppr @William_Blech_Sister

values I am getting is

a = 100
b= 10

i need to do 100*10/100

@manojv02500 this is shown in my screenshot above
covert string into int with CInt
do the calculation
bring the result to string if needed as string with toString

@manojv02500 please check my answer

I think some of the replies here are missing the point that a percentage should be divided by 100 when using in math.

so if you have:
a = 100
b = 10%

Then you can do this:

CDbl(a) * (CDbl(b.ToString.Replace("%","")) / 100)

That would give you a decimal. If you need to round it, then check out this:

I used Double types so it can handle decimals.

Additionally, if b does not always have a percent, then you would need to use an IF to check if it’s a percentage before dividing by 100.


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Thanks i am getting correct answer now now i need to add the result to a

i.e a= 100
answer = 10
so a+ answer = 110

i am getting thus error

Hy @manojv02500,

Please set the data type to RangeLow to double
To print it in the message box type Range.tostring

It should work you are almost there

so all the other scrape value are string or to int32

You could set to string and then convert it to int

Now i have two ranges i.e 95(lowrange) to 110 (HighRange)

how can i check if a number fall in-between or not

Hy @manojv02500,

For this you can try a if statement, try it and let me know


all variable are of type double

use AND instead of &&