Need help on Regex


I have extracted some info from PDF and the value came like this below

Brand Name Assessment confirmation

Test 123456

“Brand Name Assessment confirmation” this will be constant and I need to extract “Test 123456” as it will be dynamic, any help on the regex ?

@Debartha_Mitra_DE - Please check this…

XAML Image


Assumption…Test 123456 line does not has any other texts…or else this pattern will capture everything on that line…so if you have any others text and you want to capture first two words separated by spaces then you can try the below pattern


Thanks, it worked

Can you please tell me how did you find the regular expression for this, did you use any online tool to find the expression ?

@Debartha_Mitra_DE … I didn’t use any online tools…I started learning Regex from this video Coding Dojo: 14 Week Coding Bootcamp | Full Stack Development - YouTube did lot of practices which after that which helped me in understanding the theme behind it…

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