Need Help on Passing Values from Excel Rows


I am new to the tool and want some guidance.

  1. I have an excel column that has a list of file names.
  2. I want to use these file names one after other to perform an action (have a flow designed).
  3. Once the list of names are completed on excel column, I want the BOT to terminate.

Have tried using For Loop and I am able to get a list of all the files one after other but when I am trying to pass them for the next flow, its not working.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to community

For passing the values between flows you have to pass through arguments

Variables will not pass between flows

Hope this may helps you


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Hi @ksrinu070184,

I tried using the arguments. I can get the desired values on message box. But when I try to pass the value to file name entity, it does not pick and comes out of the loop.


Can you share me the your workflow or workflow screenshot where you are facing issue?


Here is where I am getting the names of files.

The above file name has to be passed into Excel Application Scope as strFolderPath + <<out_FileName>>


You placed in For Each Row, so the Excel Application scope is also need to inside the For Each row activity, then you can pass easily

Before passing the value to Excel Application Scope, Place a message box and pass as str_FolderPath + Out_FileName and check the value is same as the path you are expecting

Hope this helps you


Thanks @ksrinu070184. This worked.

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