Need Help on "Next Link Selector"

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Could You please guide me on one issue as mentioned below,

I want to fetch data from web link. However, right now i am able to fetch data by next10 page till end. but i want to download data one by one page i.e. page No.1,2,3 and so on till the last page.

How could i do that?





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Hi anyone please help me in this.

@sanket_nalwad Hi,

you need a loop and some logic, do you use google hangouts or meet?

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We have to find out the last page like click on last page link or data scrapping if any where it is showing on page.
Then you can loop the counter from 1 to last page
In the loop you can use the counter value in selector.

Hope this helps you…

Hi @SenzoD, Apologies for the delay in reply. please let me know the date and time as per your convenience. could it be possible for you a Zoom call?so I can share the screen with you.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @Venugopal24, Thank you for your reply. I am completely new in RPA field. Could you please share with me any sample process that i will try in that way.