Need Help on Data scrapping filter

Hello All,

I’m new in UI path, Need your help.

I’m doing Data scrapping from Internal Website. Data scrapper give all information in correct structure format. I need to filter further using String Variable in column (column-3) so, that I can get exact text code against the same.

In attached Screenshot, i need to filter the data based on Variable & Variable string - Food which should identify exact match in data table. I should get value G1003 after matching the exact string in Column-3


Thanks for you help.

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In general you could use the filter Datatable activity

On the filterresult you can

  • check with dtFilterResultVar.Rows.Count if you got 0,1 or more Rows returned
  • dtFilterResultVar.Rows(0)(“Column-2”).toString returning the corresponding Col2 Value
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Thanks @ppr for your response
I used Filter database activity but I’m getting below error. I’m using default data scrapping Column name.

  • Filter Data Table: the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.

Also, if i used filter the records then it will give me all 3 rows or 1 rows. if it’s give multiple rows then how to get result G1003 only