Need help me with that file to build a good regex plz?


Can you help me with that file to build a good regex plz ?

i built a regex for everything except what I have surrounded :

Hello @Soudios To maintain clean learning environment, kindly show us what you have tried so far.

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Yes of course, i used that regex:

Contact :
(?<=Contact : ).*

Tél :
(?<=Tél. : )[0-9 ]+

Portable :
(?<=Portable : )[0-9 ]+

Fax :
(?<=Fax : ).*

Email :
(?<=E-mail : ).*

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Hello @Soudios here you go…
use this pattern and let us know if it works for you or not…
if it is not working then please give sample text.
Test.xaml (6.1 KB)

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Hi @AkshaySandhu
This is not working for me, i want what is after ''Historique"

Hello @Soudios,

Regex for Historique:-

Thanks & Regards,
Raj Parsana


Not working good

This is the sample text :slight_smile:
Ain (01)
22 brasseries

IUT Lyon 1 - Site de Bourg-en-Bresse
Rue Henri de Boissieu 01000 BOURG-EN-BRESSE

Tél. : 04 74 45 52 65 Fax : 04 74 45 52 01
Portable :
Contact : Claude Noel (chef de département de Génie Biologique de l’IUT Lyon 1)
E-mail :
Site web :
Création : septembre 2008
Pas d’historique de production pour cette brasserie

104 Emmanuel Gillard | Projet Amertume ( bière en France Edition 2020

du Bugey

Tél. : Fax :
Portable : 06 67 36 43 36
Contact : Ludwig de Belvalet
E-mail :
Site web :
Brasserie du Bugey | Hauteville-Lompnes
Création : mars 2017
La gamme de bières était brassée entre juin 2009 et décembre 2014 par La Bière du Plateau (Hauteville-Lompnes, FR), puis par La
Jacquerie (Conzieu, FR) entre décembre 2014 et mars 2017
Historique de production (1) prévision (2) estimation
2017 : 60 hl
2018 : 72 hl
2019 : 80 hl (1)

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Hello @Soudios,

Use this (?=Historique)[A-Za-z\n\é\s:0-9 PUT YOUR WORDS HERE ]+(?=))

Thanks & Regards,
Raj Parsana


i can’t put all the words here because there are 1000 pages

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It’s some different language so put that letters, I am not able to type using my keyboard.



Have a look at this solution:

It will work as long as the “” is always constant.

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Thank you for your response but “" is not always constant.
We need to find something else :slight_smile:

You can find here the output : output.txt (9.9 KB)

Also, the pattern does’nt work for me :


It won’t work in because its not a perfect match to UiPath’s language. It will work in UiPath :slight_smile:

Hmmm I need more information on the pattern.

What more can you tell me about it?

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Hello @Steven_McKeering ,

What i need is to extract information from pdf and put it in an excel file
I managed that for now :

and i need now to find a regex to extract : Name / city / adress / Zip Code and Historique

There is some output example from the pdf file : output.txt (9.9 KB)

This is the excel file i want to create : Projet TEST.xlsx (128.9 KB)


I should be able to help you :slight_smile:

Tell me about the pattern of the text - this will save me time :blush:

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Can you please find provide the the list of Names you want from the output.txt

Is Name just “Contact”?

I am unsure which is the correct city and address field.
(308, rue de Perruet - ZA de la Maladière 01210 ORNEX)

01210 is the Zip code you want yes?

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Hello @Steven_McKeering
Thank you, you can find below my answer.

For this adress example : 308, rue de Perruet - ZA de la Maladière 01210 ORNEX.

Adress : 308, rue de Perruet - ZA de la Maladière

Zip code : 01210

City : ORNEX

For names, its the names of the company, for example in this picture
Name 1 is : Gessienne SARL STAJAM
Name 2 is : de Grilly


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Hi @Soudios

I believe I have a pattern here with no false positives.

Please let me know how it goes.


Hi @Steven_McKeering
Perfect ! it works !

Now do you know how can i separate the information as i showed you before plz ?


I have a workflow that splits out the following into string variables for you.

  • Company (Whether 1 or 2 lines)
  • Address
  • Zip
  • City

Main.xaml (21.7 KB)

I am sure there are ‘cleaner’ ways to make this work but this should work fine :blush:

Hopefully this helps :smiley:

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