Need Help-Lost Workflow

Hi Ui Path,

I was developing a workflow since 2 days, while developing, i see that workflow was completely replaced by an activity which i was trying to use under it, i am unfortunate and lost the complete workflow, i can see just one activity, the workflow was developed in Sequence with number of activities, not sure how to retrieve it, i have tried all possible ways : Checked- Recent Files,
Checked-C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\UiPath, tried to get “Previous Versions” of it.

Please help or advise,
Thank you.

If it showing like missing activity, try to update or downgrade the version of specific activity from the manage packages.

I do not believe there is a way to recover this, if you deleted a workflow and it is not in the recycle bin then it is lost.

I suggest you use version control to help avoid this issue in the future, but for now you have to do your work again I think. Bad luck, I think we have all been in this situation.