Need Help in Image automation

Hi, I had one problem…In Attached image we have data 1,2,3 this data is not fixed it change and in attached image there are 3 rows it may be more… Now i have to select the last data in attached image it is SPLICE then i have to click Place button after that i need to click the 2nd data that is TRAP and again click on place and so on.
Remember data count and data name might get different and this is image automation so no selectors in this. How we can achieved this.

Hey @Puneet_Singh1
Use can use hover text and if it works then use click after the hover activity
You can also use click text activity because it uses ocr.
Cv click can also be a option for your solution

ok but let say i hover on splice and then but for next project might be in place of splice word might different then run get fail.

Pk then use a get ocr text activity and use regex to find all the list items. After that take the last one from regex result and search for it