Need help in "if statement" please help me

Need help in “if statement” please help me …


how to perform second picture sequence like …in first picture whenever i clicked on that small box sometime it will show “Setup steam profile” and sometime it shows “edit profile”

so what i need to do is to whenever i will click on that small box if “setup steam profile” will come then i will click on it or same for “edit profile” if it comes it will click on edit profile…

please help me to execute this if statement…

ps: i already used element exists for “setup steam profile” whenever it comes it click on “setup steam profile” but when “edit profile” comes its not going to ELSE part of the if statement…

Hi @NervousTuber can u provide a delay of 10 seconds between the click image and element exists

Try this way

Hope it helps u
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i added delay of 4sec but why it clicking after 30sec on edit profile?

Element exist is working like this

If the element is found it directly execute the action which is being given without no delay

But when there is no element existing the activity waits for a particular time ( defaulty 30 seconds ) so that if the element is found in between the time it will execute that action corresponding to.when element is found

Otherwise it will go with the else condition activity which is specified.

Hope it helps :blush:


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