Need help in Calculate Client Security Hash

Can anyone please help me out here? I am stuck since last few weeks, not sure why is it hitting error.
I guess there is some selector issue. I tried updating it from UiExplorer as well.
Attaching the piece hitting error and snapshot below.

Any help is highly appreciated.

System1_ExtractClientInformation.xaml (8.9 KB)

Hi @sgshreya95,
Its seems to be selector issue try to dynamically change it or repair it to update selector to live event. The client information page you opened to “attach browser” activity has different ui element names to this transaction. Try repairing the selector of attach browser.

Please hit solved button if you found this useful or send screen shots of errors if you had with this solution


Thanks @Vish2148,

I tried to repair the selector of attach browser but again it is stopped at the same point.
Please have a look at the screenshots below.

Hi @sgshreya95,

Did you repaired selector for get text also or not.

Yes I did

Hey @sgshreya95

I’m so sorry I couldn’t reach out to you for your message on this. I was super super busy during past few weeks.

I do have a hunch on this. This is something happened to me recently…

With the latest releases of ui automation activities, attach browser that I had was giving out similar error. Getting the selector repaired didn’t work for me.

This is what worked…
We have a open browser activity right. In this activity, there is a output property to get a browser variable. What I did is, I created a browser variable and assigned it to the output browser property of open browser activity. So whenever the browser is opened I have a object of it. Then what I did is, I used that browser variable in the attach browser activity as the input. So in attach browser, you dont need to specify a selector, just the browser object as a input for it would get the browser attached to it. This worked perfectly.

I think this is the same thing that you should do…

Try it out and let us know.


Hi @sgshreya95,
Sorry for the delay. Does you resolved the issue. Below screen shots are the selector for attach browser and for get text.


Hi @Vish2148,

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:
The selector issue is now resolved after following steps suggested by @Lahiru.Fernando. Now it is working fine.

But I am not sure why my workflow ends every time at the point where selector is used.
While generating the hash code, I did the followed the same procedure of using output browser variable of open browser activity as an input of attach window but still the selector of get full text activity says can’t find the Ui element. I mean is this some issue with version update or my workflow because even when I am trying to repair it, it says could not repair selector. Can you please suggest something here?

Hello @sgshreya95

When using the browser object in this scenario, we have to consider few things. Here we access two web applications.

  1. Acme site
  2. Site that is used to generate the hash code.

So one thing to keep in mind here is, using the browser object of the open browser activity for acme site will not give you access to ui elements in hash code generation site. That object is specific for acme site.

So for each open browser activities for both sites, we have to get two browser objects defined. Then use them as required depending on the site we are accessing. I think this is the part you are missing?

Get the idea on what I’m trying to explain?

Yes, got your point. I am using different object for acme and sha-1 site.

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