Need help in bptravel travel automation

I am doing automation on bptravel website where i want to take data of customers like departure date,arrival date,name etc. from excel file… and finally writing the total cost and reference number for each customer in excel file.

In sequence process at first for reading the data from excel sheet i used the Read Range Activity and then i used For each Row activity and in its body i used select item,type into,click Activity…
i used select item for FROM option and used input text as :- row(“Flying_From”).ToString

and after that i assigned the reference number and total with variables and at last for writing the data in excel sheet i used Write Range Activity.

My process run fine but i don’t know why reference number and total cost is not displaying in my excel sheet or may be not able to write on excel sheet.

I am not able to find where i have done mistake.Could anyone plz help.

@abhilashshekhar use write line activity after get text activity to know whether it is writing or not

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Hi @abhilashshekhar

–After read reading the excel you will get datatable for that datatable add two columns to your datatable and then
–Once you got the reference number and total with in the for loop row("")=reference number and row("")=total
–after for each row activity use write range activity to write entire data into the excel

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got it thanks

If your problem solved mark it as solution so that other can help full who are searching this kind of questions


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