Need Help. I am not able to get Login work On Client Security Hash Calculation Assignment

I am currently working on Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash.

I created the System1Login and created Arguments as mentioned in Walkthrough.

Added the settings in Config file
System1_Credential System1_Credential (Orchestrator Asset Name)

Invoked Workflow in InitAllApplications.
Import Arguments Mapped as:
in_System1URL in String in_Config(“System1URL”).ToString
in_System1_Credential in String in_Config(“System1_Credential”).ToString

I completed the login sequence with
OpenBrowser with in_System1URL
TypeInto Username
TypeSecureText Password
Click Login Button

I followed the instructions exactly as mentioned in Walkthrough.

When I run it from the InitAllApplications, I get a message

I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
Thanks for your Help.

Hi @prasad10.
Since you invoked that workflow in the initAllApplications workflow, then the variables will need changes.
You need to update the initAllApplications arguments. Then the arguments from the InitAllApplications will be used in the Login workflow :slight_smile:

Should I declare Default value for the Argument in InitAllApplication?

You should edit the initallapplications workflow. Edit the arguments. Add the username and password

Is this what I should Edit?

Is that the argument for login?

yes. System1Login. Invoke workflow Import Arguments Tab

I created Username & Password in System1Login

Okay. So it is a workflow inside a workflow. What will happen is you need to pass the in_Config to initallapplications then pass it again to the login workflow

What is the easiest way to do it. Separate workflows?
what should I use for in_config value?


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You are right. Login should be in initallapplications

I created the sequence in InitAllApplications and Invoked getAppCredentials. How do I pass credentials?

Where is the error occurring?

Hi @prasad10,
This is what it should look like:
So what you should do is create two variables in the initallapplications that will get the username and password that the getAppCredentials will return.
Then that is the variables that you will use in the Login workflow


Finally, Got it working. Thanks for your help.
I ran invoke workflow for InitAllApplications inside initAllSettings.
Mapped argument in_config to out_Config in Import Arguments.


Good to hear that! You may mark one of my answers as the solution by ticking the check sign below one of the posts. Thank you!

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