Need help : how to get outlook mail for 20 000 email mailbox


I am downloading all attachments from 1 mailbox.
That part work very well

But of course i time out, that way too many to load in memory.
How do you loop through and make sure you dont work on the same email twice ?

See my work attached.


After processing an email, move it to a “Processed” folder in Outlook.

For a large number of emails, what you want to do is get maybe 10 at a time, loop through the 10, process each one then move it to another folder so it doesn’t get processed again. Then loop back around to get another 10 emails.

Elegant solution. tanxs

I actually understands that i can also play on the read and unread status of the email. By Marking them all as unread, the loop only process the 10 next unread.

I’m not a big fan of only reading unread messages. There are many reasons an email could be marked read even if your automation hadn’t processed it. Be sure, process all emails and move each one to another folder after processing.

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Another option, especially since you’re doing so many emails, would be a dispatcher/performer model.

One automation runs on its own, grabbing emails, putting them into an Orchestrator Queue, then moving the emails to a “processed” folder.

A second automation, the performer, picks up items from the Queue and processes them.

I guess this is the stage i am at. I need to learn more about this. If you have a link to some learning video on this, that would help. Because i find that while this process now work, i still have not found why my attachments are download to the auto generate folder, but the email it self wont download in the same folder. Damn email keep pilling up outside of the folders

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