Need Help for Selector idx trouble

Hi all, I need help with the problem of making a selector more secure.
My problem is that I want to read the visible text of a combobox.
The selector of the combobox only offers the idx for exact limitation, but the idx changes from order to order.
I have tried to make the whole thing more secure with the activity Anchor Base, but the robot can only find the image, not the corresponding combo box.
How could I make this more secure?


Hello @NHoe

I hope you are trying to read the message from a message box and for each iteration idex is changing. Please correct if the understanding is wrong.

Here what you can do is use uiexplorer and check for a stable attribute and remove idx from the selector and validate it. Then you can use the selector in the Get Text activity selector.

Else you can use App/Web Recorder to record the specific action for the combo box. It will select the data with an anchor which will be more stable.

@NHoe May I know what is the activity that you have used before anchor base

Hi @NHoe,

You can use other UI Frameworks by using F4 while defining.



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Hello everyone, I have found the error in the Anchor Base activity. The problem was that I did not specify the position.

Thanks to all for the hints!