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A Hearty Gratitude to all my fellow counterparts,

I need your guidance regarding a project; that I am presently working on . Let me illustrate the situation.

I have a customer “A” and who has a B2B portal; where the customer shares important reports (customer ratings).

I have build a bot in such a way that the BOT extracts the customer ratings from this B2B portal automatically. This has been done by me for one of my plants.

Scenario: We have different plants located in different parts of the country and for each plants; we are receiving customer ratings from customer accordingly. Moreover, each plant has their respective “User-ID” and “Password”,

For instance:

Plant A Customer Rating: “100 %” User ID: xxxx; Password: yyyyy
Plant B Customer Rating: “100 %” User ID: zzzz; Password; uuuuu
Plant C Customer Rating: "80%) … and so on
Plant D…
Plant E…
… and so on.

Problems: I have created a BOT for one plant only(with an user name and password) and it works fine also for other plants (with different user name and password), if I am running it one after the other.

However, I want to build a workflow in such a way that BOT automatically enter the user name and password for one plants and then pick the customer ratings for one plant and then BOT go out of B2B portal and then again BOT automatically enters the user name and password for other plant and then pick the rating accordingly. This is an iterative process; which should happen for 22 times, as I have 22 different plants with different user names and password.

I ll try to simplify the above problem in the following steps;

-Bot opens the B2B portal
-Enter the user Name and password for 1st plant
-Picks the customer rating
.-CLose the B2B Portal

-Bot again open the B2B portal
-Enter the user Name and password for 2nd plant
-Picks the customer rating
-CLose the B2B Portal

And the same process continues for the remaining plants.

Kindly support me, how can I proceed further, so that i can build only 1 Workflow rather than 22 different workflows (1 for each plants)

YOur support would be highly appreciable !!

Thanks & Endeavors

Hey @pradhansauryashankar

Hope you’re well.

I think this is a great use case for using the REFramework. This will allow you to reference Credential assets from Orchestrator for each location. It might be a good idea to create a Dispatcher and Performer process.

The Dispatcher process would loop through a mapping file that looks at a list of locations that you need to process and add it to a Queue in the orchestrator (the mapping file should map the location to the orchestrator asset name (you could use the config file for that)).

The Performer process would pull the items from the orchestrator queue and pull the assets dynamically to run the process for each location with out catering for each location individually

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Hey Jacqui @Jacqui_M
Thanks a lot for your prompt response and a brief ellaboration. I was thinking too of REFramework-, but however, I dont have any experience regarding REFramework.
However, your explaination sounds really convincing, as I have acquired little bit knowledge about REFramework.

I will follow your thought process and in case of doubt. I will revert back again. Kindly support me in near future accordingly.

Thanks a lot once more for your support :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks & Endeavors
Pradhan Saurya

Hey @pradhansauryashankar please feel free to reach out whenever you get stuck! I’ll be more than happy to guide you where necessary. I look forward to seeing where your learning journey takes you

Hey @Jacqui_M Thank you for your support and overwhelming words.

@Jacqui_M : hello , I need your favour regarding following errors:
After I have used “Queue Item” in ReFramework and would like to run it, always the error message will popped up as ; " Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.
COuld you please help me out in solving it ?

I am also sending you an overview of Orchestrator “Robots” and “Machines”
Orchestrator_Machines Orchestrator_Robots

Open up your UiPath Assistant, is it connected to the Orchestrator

Thanks for feedback ! Now I have connected to the Orchestrator via UiPath Assistant.

Perfect! Please feel free to mark as solution!

Done ! Wish you a great start of the week !

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Thank you very much! Have an epic one further, please shout if you require any further assistance

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