Need help creating FlexiCapture Definition Files


I have recently installed a trial version of FlexiCapture for extracting information from a Scanned PDF file and save it to Excel. I have successfully installed the FlexiCature Engine and have also downloaded the IntelligentOCR dependency. I am trying to use Process Document Activity however, it asks for DefinitionFiles. I am new to FlexiCapture and therefore need help in understanding how I can create a Definition file in UiPath.

Thank you!

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Document Definition file can be created in Flexilayout Studio in Flexicapture Product.

Thank you @kuldip.gohil for answering my query. Now can you help me with how I can create Definition files in FlexiLayout?

This video will help you

You can also go through ABBYY website and check sample projects -

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Thank you for your quick response. I will check the links and get back in case I have any doubts. Thanks again.