Need Guidance with excel and outlook

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I have a task where I get a rating as a mail-in an image format I need to scrap the name and average from that image. I need to read all the emails with the subject risk assessment and scrap one by one and fed them into excel. But I am facing a problem that I am not able to read each mail only the first mail is getting read but it counts the number of unread mail but only scraps the first mail in outlook. And to write in an excel the data that is scraped is not getting written it just write as “OK OK”
how to overcome this.

Hi @soumi_soumiya,

Is it possible to provide your workflow here?


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Thanks for your reply…
here is my work flow (23.6 KB)

You have hardcoded the positing of write cell in the for loop, leading it to over write what it gets on the cell!!!

Take the excel population outside, and it will work for you and just do write range :slight_smile:

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thanks for your reply…
I Cant understand can you give any example


along what @Shubham_Varshney has posted you also need to check your selector for clicking the email. from the selector for click i can see you are only clicking on the first email please try validating your selector for different emails and try to modify it then you should be okay.

let us know if that works.

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Thanks for your guidance…
Should i change the values that you had highlighted


yes, please try giving some wild characters(*) and check or try to eliminate those from the selector and try. you should be able to achieve your solution.



Please find the attached XAML for reference, do update the selectors as indicated by @siddu509

Also going forward please do debug to view how the process created by you is working, to give you a clearer picture on how the process is actually working!!!

Main.xaml (17.5 KB)

Thanks for your guidance i had changed my selector as dynamic but still i am having the same problem.

Thanks for your reply…
I did as @siddu509 said but i a still facing the same problem it reads only the first mail i had given the dynamic selector at from as *.

@soumi_soumiya You are using outlook mail in your workflow so you can get mail body text so after getting mail body apply regex or split so you can get ratings.

Is the message box populating correctly ? @soumi_soumiya

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No messgae box also gives the data of the first mail

thanks for your reply
There no activity as you specified

@soumi_soumiya Inside the for each use if use row.body than you can get mail body and apply regex so no need to use click and get full text activity