Need explanation on a sequence placed in RE framework


Can you please explain the need for below code between InitAllSettings and KillAllprocesses.

What does this do ? I am not clear with the explanation given.
I am assuming we are saving Orchestrator queue name to config dictionary.
Is that right?

Usually in initallsetting xaml we will getting all the required details like the applications credential that we are going to, and other details like assets, with credentials and its more like using config file (a excel file) instead of using variables in the workflow and the reason is we can change whenever we want and whatever details we want all under one roof
–so once after getting those details from config, we take that as a out argument like this

which is what you were asking

–now this config details will used all over the workflow were we need any details regarding the process

then kill process is used to kill all the process i.e., kill the application (wherever it may be or whatever stage it may be or what process it may be in currently running mode), this xaml will them and thus our process will start freshly from the fresh application start page

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

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Perfect :slight_smile: thank u once again !

Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

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