Need Condition Statement for Flow Decision to Stop Count Data's in CSV File Automatically



Hai All,

Im doing Demo Project with CSV File and Flow Decision Activities. I need help in Flow Decision. My project is simple each and every data in CSV file get it and write in a software i looped the action still the last data in CSV file is over. The issue in this workflow is i need to set looping count manual in Flow decision to count the data’s in CSV file…, I need Condition statement for Flow Decision regarding while completing write all the data in CSV File automatically it need to display the “Data Write Successfully”.

Kindly find the project file on the link and give me the solution., Thanks In Advance


@Aravind, You can use,

For this you need to read the excel using Read range activity and output to datatable variable.
Then get the count using

Dominic :slight_smile:


I already done it using get row item activity kindly find my project file. I need statement reg stop counting automatically when the is data finished and go to False Label in Flow Decision