Need combination of words from string array without recursion logic

Hi All,

I would require a solution for generating all the combinations of words from a array string and store it in an array.

Array = {“abc”,“def”,“ghi”}

abc , def ,ghi , abc def, abc ghi,abc def ghi,def ghi,abc ghi

Note:I don’t want the jumbling of words just in the same hierarchy will work.

I had a solution already with recursion logic but its not supported when i publish the code locally or to orchestrator.

So need an alternative solution without recursion.

Solution with recursion is here : String Manipulations/Regex

Can someone please help.

Hi @JITU99 ,

Could you let us know what do you mean by the solution is not supported ? Do you get an error ? Do share the error message here so we could also check on the reason.

I already posted the error but seems to be neither of the solutions worked and some say recursion is still not supported in UiPath.


Instead of doing recursion in your library…create components as you need and call it from a process and use…then you would not have issues…your logic needs to be broken a little so that all the recursion is not done in library itself


Its only a condition and assign activity that is getting into recursion.
This workflow i am using it inside my Process.

Not sure how else it can be more simplified.


Just have assign and if condition in activity…dont call it in the activity again

Instead call it recursively from process