Need Click logic

Hi Team,

I have a requirement where i need to click on My Portfolio to generate the report . But we have a situation where for some user it may appear like fig - b where we need to click on **Engagement Report for ********** . Else in normal situation we need to expand weekly report for june[ fig-a] and then expand Week 52 [fig-a] to get My Portfolio and then download the report.

I am able to perform the logic for fig-a but facing a lot of challenges for fig -b. Please suggest how i can resolve this issue.

Cant, you just do ‘get text’ activity. Then evaluate the text output. If the output text starts with fig b then you can perform clicks for that fig otherwise perform fig a.

If gottenText.tostring.startswith(“Engagement Report”) then
'do this
'do this
end if

Hi @KavithaManohar

Check the selector based on en gagement report with week 52

Show the selector ensure it is dynamic

Ashwin .S

Hi buddy @KavithaManohar

If possible can I have a view on selector a screenshot
Kindly use Find Children activity and check with the value of the children text and then make a click on the text with a if condition, and if we are able to access the text each as individual elements use a click activity or use click image activity if it looks like a image

Hope this would help
Kindly try this let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @KavithaManohar